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Laserfiche = Top Solution for Wealth Management.


Laserfiche, a leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software, has been named as the Top Choice for Wealth Management Technology Solutions. CEB TowerGroup™ (an analyst group that provides insight on wealth management technology) has released a free guide to help financial firms improve operations by using an ECM System.

This guide explains more on:

  • Why wealth management firms are investing in automation technology.
  • Key components of a technology investment (helpful for comparison & decision making).
  • Why Laserfiche was identified as the leading ECM provider.

Download this free resource here… and don’t forget to connect with One Source on your favorite social sites!


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Paperless Permitting Webinar

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Brunswick County is the fastest growing county in North Carolina- serving over 3,000 building inspections and processing more than 150 permit applications every month! Laserfiche is hosting a FREE webinar on Wednesday, May 18th at 1pm (ET) to show how the County utilizes ECM (Enterprise Content Management) to automate time-intensive processes.

You’ll Discover how:

  • Inspectors manage site inspections on iPads
  • Contracts access information on-demand via the website
  • The County allows contractors to submit permits and schedule inspections via web-form
  • Permits are generated at an accelerated rate

We hope you’ll book your seat today and see how Laserfiche is contributing to Brunswick County’s rapid growth!

If you would like a more up close look at specific Laserfiche features or have specific questions, please contact us-

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Press Release

Laserfiche 10.1


Laserfiche 10.1 is NOW AVAILABLE with some advantageous new features, including:

  • Business Process Library
  • Forms Performance Dashboard
  • Offline Mobile forms

The Business Process Library. Reduce deployment times and allow for more effective implementation. This upgrade allows you to directly import 40 common processes for tasks- like building inspections, vacation and sick leave requests, add/drop course requests, insurance benefits- into Laserfiche Forms.

Forms Performance Dashboard. Avoid the backlog of metrics and plan ahead! Processes can be viewed over a set time period, allowing for superior reporting and data tracking.

Offline Mobile Forms. The Laserfiche App now allows you to fill out and edit forms without an internet connection! Additional features include the ability to receive task notifications, attach documents from the repository and add signatures to form online or offline.

If you would like a more up close look at the latest features or have specific questions, please contact us-

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