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Paperless Permitting Webinar

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Brunswick County is the fastest growing county in North Carolina- serving over 3,000 building inspections and processing more than 150 permit applications every month! Laserfiche is hosting a FREE webinar on Wednesday, May 18th at 1pm (ET) to show how the County utilizes ECM (Enterprise Content Management) to automate time-intensive processes.

You’ll Discover how:

  • Inspectors manage site inspections on iPads
  • Contracts access information on-demand via the website
  • The County allows contractors to submit permits and schedule inspections via web-form
  • Permits are generated at an accelerated rate

We hope you’ll book your seat today and see how Laserfiche is contributing to Brunswick County’s rapid growth!

If you would like a more up close look at specific Laserfiche features or have specific questions, please contact us-