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Vendor Onboarding can be a nightmare. Establishing new business relationships can consume time, resources and effort. Laserfiche is ready to help! They recently added Vendor Onboarding to the Business Process Library (BPL) to help expedite this process.

Let’s look at a real example on how this workflow operates:
• The vendor submits a registration form through the public portal and a purchasing analyst reviews it
• The analyst then determines whether a purchasing officer and buyer approval is needed to accept the vendor.
• Depending on what approvals are needed, the form is then routed to appropriate person or department.
• Then the purchasing manager reviews the form and makes a final decision on whether or not to accept the vendor.
• The vendor registration form is filed into the Laserfiche repository.

Simple, right? To start using Vendor Onboarding, head over to the Business Process Library (BPL) or contact us to learn more about Laserfiche solutions.

The original article can be found here, by Dan Komin.