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State and Local Government

Improve citizen services.

We recognize that sharing critical records across a local government can be critical to delivering the services expected by your citizens.  Through thoughtful design, and an understanding of the processes involved in each department of a local government office, we are able to implement systems that improve customer service, enhance staff productivity, and establish a balance of security and accessibility, according to the requirements of the specific departments.

CASE STUDY:   Todd Shanley, IT Director, Cabarrus County, NC   discusses how his organization uses Laserfiche Enterprise Content Mangement (ECM) to help manage and share documents among some 900 people in 24 different departments.

Human Services

Access data when you need it.  In your office, or in the field.

Case workers are overloaded and need the tools to improve response times to their clients, and to simplify decision making during the application process.   We support the case workers and their clients through delivering systems that provide easy search and retrieval access to the records they need.  With  mobile access, case workers in the field can have the same powerful tools as they have in the office.


Drive productivity higher with lean business processes.

Global competition, shrinking margins and increased customer demands for better service means manufacturers are continuously striving to improve production and profitability, reduce costs and deliver world-class customer service.

To effectively compete requires innovation and flexibility. Organizations investing in a lean manufacturing strategy that incorporates document management and business process automation have improved their competitive capabilities and benefit considerably from better productivity, lower costs and improved profits than firms that do not. The technology of combining document management and business process automation is commonly referred to as Enterprise Content Management or ECM.

wealth_mgmtWealth Management

Improve client service, attract top advisors and satisfy audit requirements.

Streamline business processes, including new account opening, suitability approval, and exception handling, while also simplifying audits and controlling compliance costs.  Streamline the client reviews and approvals with secure access to your client records, whether in the office or at their house.

Integrate with CRM and wealth management systems to create a single solution to ensure advisors are able to maximize the time they spend with clients and minimize their record keeping burden.

higher_educationHigher Education

Provide superior support for student success through process automation.

Streamline communication between administrators, students and faculty to create efficient student services, administrative services, and improve facilities management.  Share documents and information between Laserfiche and your core applications to enhance operational productivity and ensure consistency across the enterprise.

<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <h3>CorporationCorporations

Reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance customer service with automated business processing.

Today’s successful companies require instant access to key business records, rapid responses to questions from customers, staff and management.  Our systems provide secure access to important documents, workflow automation to ensure each process happens in a timely manner, and management oversight to spot bottlenecks and improve production through easy process modification.


K-12 Education

Improve the efficiency of administrative offices and student services.

School systems have many challenges spread across numerous locations and are under constant budget pressure.  We can provide a single solution that will automate district-wide administrative processes and improve efficiency, while cutting the costs of managing lots of employees, maintaining facilities and handling the business of the school system.  The same core platform can be used to store student records and make the accessible to appropriate officials, and enforce consistent, compliant recordkeeping.

Additional Customers who benefit from our productivity solutions …..

Healthcare, Justice Systems, Legal, Libraries, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Banking and more.

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