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Document Scanning Overview

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One Source has been scanning documents since 1996.

Our Goals | Our Mission:

  • Deliver Accurate Scans & Metadata
  • Provide Dependable On-Time Service
  • Ensure 100% Quality Data
  • Provide Affordable Managed Service Plans
  • Meet or Exceed Client Expectations

We have experience in all Industries – Education, Financial, Healthcare, Government Programs and Administration, Law Enforcement, Legal, Libraries and all areas where paper or film are present.   We guide our customers on the best digital structure to ensure the responsive data searching they need.

Tell us About Your Project 

Turn your paper into digital assets – you’ll be rewarded for years to come.

  • immediate access from anywhere
  • comprehensive security for your important records
  • space is no longer an issue
  • find and retrieve data with a few keystrokes
  • easily share data when required

Managed Services – Paper to Digital a little at a time

When your file cabinets and boxes out number your staff, it’s difficult to tackle the entire project in-house.   Our Managed Scanning Service plan provides a scheduled and budgeted option for you.   Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly pickups geared to systematically reduce your stored files, free up expensive space and provide immediate access to your

Scan on Demand

Are you running out of room or moving to a new building?   Move your records to our long-term storage and engage our Scan-on-Demand services.    We will systematically scan files for you.  When you need a file, we provide the images to you within a few hours.

Off-Site Services

Our traditional process is to transport your files to our production facility where our experienced staff can put all the resources needed toward meeting your goals.    We work with you to develop the staging of pickups and data return.   All facets of the project are developed in advance – the quality, special handling situations, data formatting, output, file request process, and final disposition of the original paper records.

On-Site Services

Some files are deemed too important or are too heavily referenced to leave your office.   If your files can’t be out of your site or removed from the premises, we’ll come to you.

  • We bring our people, our equipment, our services
  • All we require is adequate space to do the work

We will coordinate everything in advance so there are no surprises.

Store or Shred

Your files….Your comfort level….Your decision.

Upon completion of each project, the files can be put into secure long-term storage, microfilmed for long-term backup or shredded.    Shredding completes the digitizing cycle.

Before any shredding of files is scheduled we must receive written authorization from you.    When shredding is completed, we provide a destruction certificate indicating that all files authorized have been shredded.

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