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Capture Software


Using  intelligent software to extract data from loan documents, expense reports, applications, invoices, purchase orders saves redundant keying or even scanning documents that are already electronic.  Our solutions are sophisticated yet easy to use.

Our experts will review your business needs and processes and develop the strategy that will give you immediate savings and productivity gains.

Our partners are leaders in the industry.  Below are a few of our partners and their role in providing a complete solution.

Laserfiche Capture & Imaging Modules – fully integrated


Digitize and secure documents in one place regardless of original format, location or method of capture. Laserfiche has all the tools for easily capturing your data.

Laserfiche Quick Fields


  • Accelerate high-volume capture with Laserfiche Quick Fields.
  • Reclaim time spent importing, processing and indexing paperwork.
  • Capture information from databases to simplify metadata import.
  • Automatically sort and categorize incoming documents, fill out fields and create folder paths based on image data, barcodes, page size and more.
  • Initiate document routing workflows based on document processing.

Laserfiche Forms

  • Digitally collect information with e-forms
  • Replace paper forms with easy-to-design web forms that can be published on intranets or public websites.
  • Create and publish e-forms with an intuitive forms designer that requires no coding.
  • View reports of all submitted forms, pending and completed tasks and approval histories.

Laserfiche Import Agent

  • capture documents from mfp’s or external sources
  • create scheduled tasks for routine, automated imports
  • assign template data for further automation

Laserfiche Mobile

  • Capture documents from mobile devices.
  • Use the Laserfiche Mobile app to create content and work with documents on iOS and Android devices.
  • Make all content captured on mobile devices full-text searchable
  • Turn photos taken with phones and tablets into digital documents.
  • Initiate and participate in automated business processes from anywhere.

email Manager

EmailManagerEmail Manager enables Laserfiche customers to Get Organized, Be Productive, Work Smarter, and Stay Efficient with integrations for Outlook and Exchange. In this day of providing transparency, automating the process of email capture is a necessity.  Start now – boost productivity, aid in regulatory compliance, easily integrate with your ECM platforms.


MViEmployees at government agencies and businesses of all sizes use accounting and other 3rd party software applications for core day-to-day operations. Some core applications generate report and forms output that is typically printed to paper for distribution to employees and customers.


psigen_logoPsigen combines the best of all breeds.   Capturing important and relevant data while scanning from anywhere, any device.    It’s fast, efficient and is compatible with over 60 industry ECM and DMS systems. Whether you want a simple scan workflow or complex document capture, Psigen has an affordable scalable solution.PSIGEN_diagram

Scanning vs Capture:  Capture software can be utilized for basic scanning needs, but capture can take you to a whole new level from a “capture” perspective.

These applications typically have a number of ways to “slice and dice” documents, and really focus on efficiency, and minimizing the time required to scan, index and capture data.