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Disaster Recovery. Business Continuity Planning.

When you least expect it, a fire, flood, tornado or hurricane can strike in your area and change the face of your organization in a heartbeat.

If you are in the public or private sector and responsible for historical or current data, it is your responsibility to safeguard those records.    There are multiple ways to achieve that secure feeling.

Digital Records.

Your IT staff ensures the digital records are backed up through the help of sites such as Protect My flood_disaster_recoveryRecords.

There are additional hardware backup solutions as well in case of a power outage or server drive failure or for when you are moving your data to another environment.   We partner with the most reliable backup manufacturers to assure our clients records are secure.

Paper Records.

Assess your file cabinets and file rooms or attics containing boxes of documents or blue prints.   What is your risk?  Using our Content Management Software, you ensure all records are in a central repository which makes backing up and accessing easy during difficult times.

Once your records are digitized, the benefits are enormous.

  • Use digital archives to eliminate file loss due to fire, flood, theft or other disaster.
  • Digital records ensure information is secure at all times.
  • With proper backups, you’re instantly able to reconstruct or get data back on line.
  • Access to your records by authorized personnel is a breeze from anywhere.
  • Employees can resume duties from anywhere even if their office has been damaged.

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