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Finding the Perfect Fit.  

Laserfiche is scalable to fit every business model.   If you’re a small company, Laserfiche Avante can give you the tools to make you as productive as any large organization.   If you’re much larger but with a small budget, you can start in one department and easily expand company-wide with either Laserfiche Avante or Laserfiche Rio.   We  tailor the solution to you.

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The Laserfiche Advantages

Laserfiche is unique in the ECM Industry in that all system components were designed to work together.   This allows us to provide unique functionality – such as extending the workflow process to the point of capture and deploying formalized records management functionality transparently – that creates highly customized, rapidly deployed and cost-effective solutions.

Industry Solutions

A proven solution already used by over 35,000 organizations worldwide, Laserfiche enterprise content management is designed to take your expertise and build on it. Instead of forcing you to work within a rigid structure, Laserfiche adapts to your existing business processes, building on them to make them smarter, faster and more efficient.

Business Processes

For all organizations, making foundational technologies—such as enterprise content management (ECM)—available to all offices, business units and departments is a viable strategy for reducing costs on multiple levels.

Support & Training

Laserfiche provides numerous vehicles for Administrators, Users, Developers, Integrators and 3rd Party suppliers to interact and learn from one another.   The Laserfiche Community is world-wide and yet, just a click away from sharing.   From local Workshops, Regional or On-line Training, Webinars, blogs, 24/7 on-line support and their Annual Conference that draws over 2500 viewers, Laserfiche provides it all. Our One Source Support technicians are Gold Certified and ready to provide the service level you need.

The One Source Advantage

One Source has been one of the top Laserfiche Resellers since 2001 and has the expertise needed to improve the productivity, security and stability of your entire organization.  We deliver integrated on-premise, hosted/cloud and software-as-a-service Laserfiche solutions. Choose a Partner with a Proven Record.


Tell us About Your Project.